A Character Analysis of Sasha

In the story, A Werewolf Problem in Central Russia, the main character Sasha is a well developed key to the story. In this story we hear of a lone wanderer in central Russia that is identified as Sasha. As he wanders the roads of central Russia, he begins to unvelop a story of discovery in a world of mystery. His descriptive account of walking throughout the night sets the stage for an eery werewolf story. He happens upon a group of men who are able to turn into wolves. It seems throughout the story, he is aware of the odd happenings around him, but is only slightly uneasy.  He begins to travel alongside these werewolves and learns of his own werewolf composition. Its interesting to me to see that he approaches this situation with ease and curiosity. From a readers standpoint, its gives us the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the intense literature. The story goes on to give us a look at how Sasha’s senses are heightened after becoming a wolf. He describes the world around him in striking detail which before the revelation of his werewolf makeup, is truly poetic. After the reader discovers that Sasha is in fact a werewolf, these descriptions of basic things like light, wind and cold, become a much deeper meaning. He begins to take us further into the world of a wolf and how it differs from the human viewpoint of life around us. He says how man cannot grasp the connection and meaning of things like the cold, but how as a wolf it transforms his world. I was amazed to read of his reasoning behind the howling that werewolves do, and how this is a direct reflection of the only plausible response to his new view of the world around him.


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