Last Man on Earth 1946 (Character analysis on Dr. Robert Morgan)

This film starred Vincent Price. He was a very well-known American actor known for his roles in horror, thrillers and mystery movies. His distinct voice was perfect for these types of movies and roles since it is so deep and true. It set the mood perfectly for any movie he was in. The character he played in the movie Last Man on Earth was Dr. Robert Morgan. He played a man that wakes up everyday trying to do his best to eliminate the vampires brought on by all the humans being taken over by a bacteria that turns them into vampires. The whole store line sounds along the modern day zombies because the vampires are considered dumb too just like zombies. Dumb but not to be messed with or bargained with. Once turned or seen they are meant to be killed in Dr. Morgan’s eyes. The virus also hits home with him due to the fact that it is how his own family was taken away from him by this “sickness or disease”. He lost his daughter first then his wife. He just stays in his house during the night due to the fact that during the day the vampires are most weak and vulnerable. That is the time to strike. The death and lost of his family happened in the previous 3 years. Due to the isolation day after day I believe this is why he is bitter, vengeful, and angry. He just keep fueling the fire with animosity and disgust of these creatures. Losing your family to a single cause; especially something unnatural and unhuman can see easily seen and shown how your view on that topic can be so twisted in your own views and experiences. That is why when he first saw the puppy and Ruth he was warm or trusting. Three years of isolation could do that to a person. He was taught to be hating if vampires but through his interactions and personal effect that is how his views are shaped and how his character is so unhappy and disgusted of vampire breed as a whole.

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