D is what is known as a dhampir, which is a person that is half vampire, and half human. He is known as Vampire Hunter D, and travels around the Frontier in search of the Nobility. D has the ability to turn into a full vampire when he drinks blood or if he is just motivated enough he can as well. Even though it's not mentioned it's hinted at that D has some special connection to the Sacred Ancestor. D is supposed to be the result of cross breading experiments carried out by the Sacred Ancestor to halt the inevitable decline of the nobility. D is prone to light teasing and has a dry sense of humor

Appearance Edit

D is supposedly so good looking, that women are swooning over him, and the men even find him gorgeous. D is his late teens. Most likely late 17 or early 18. He is almost pale white, and has more of a milky white complexion with masculine eyebrows, smooth nose, and cold eyes on a powerful frame. His voice is really deep which shows his masculinity.

Origins Edit

D has a twin referred to as "Fake D". They were born has conjoined twins, but where one would think twins are often similar. They are opposites of each other. Everything the "Real D" is, his twin brother the "Fake D" is the complete opposite. The two eventually end up being enemies of each other. Their age is some what unknown, but hinted to be around 5,000 years old.

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