Rankin Bass's stop-motion Halloween special Mad Monster Party? features many monsters, including their own version of Dracula , only referred to as "The Count" for copyright reasons. He later appeared in the 2-D sequel prequel Mad Mad Mad Monsters.


In the special, Dracula has blue-green skin, long pointed ears, and a long pointed nose. He is a caricature of Bela Lugosi's version of Dracula.


Despite initially acting very friendly towards the other monsters, especially the Wolfman, Dracula is shown to be self-absorbed, manipulative, traitorous, and power-hungry, and perfectly willing to turn on his "friends". He seems to consider himself a lady's man, and is very flirty towards the female characters, at one point assuming Francesca wants to see him in private for romantic reasons, and as a result of his assumption, begins flirting too hard, disgusting Francesca, who remarks, "You're drunk."

Despite being a cartoon adaption, he still is shown to be ruthless enough to be willing to kill.



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