There is a group of individuals gathered together to hear what has been left on the will belonging to Countess Elisabeth’s late husband.  Everyone who was important in her late husband’s life received a portion of his belongings. One man in particular was not very pleased with what was left to his name, but one thing he was pleased about was that now he had his lover of around twenty years, Countess Elisabeth, all to himself. Despite the opportunity to finally be with Dobi, Countess Elisabeth’s attention is robbed by the young and handsome, Imre. While at the castle, Imre and Fabio get together to talk among one another. While the men talk Fabio mentions that Ilona would be returning soon, she has been living in Vienna since she was six years old and is now at the age of nineteen.

Countess Elisabeth is preparing for a bath and immediately notices that the water is too hot so she orders her chambermaid to add cold water to it. After adding the cool water, it is still rather hot and Countess Elisabeth pulls Teri, the chambermaid, towards the water and burns her hand. With Teri frightened and injured Elisabeth requests a peeled peach. Teri immediately begins to peel the peach, but she also slices her hand in the process. Some of Teri’s blood gets onto Elisabeth’s face and later on Elisabeth notices that she appears younger than she actually is. Not only is Elisabeth surprised by this new look, so is Dobi, but he will not bring Teri to her since he does not want to encourage her. The following morning Teri has appeared to be missing and Elisabeth does not look like herself, she is much younger in appearance. Elisabeth arranges for her daughter to be kidnapped on her way back to the castle, not wanting her around as competition for Imre’s attention. After her captivity, Ilona is kept in a cabin within the woods with Janco, a mute gamekeeper for company. At the dinner that evening, Elisabeth introduces herself as her daughter, instantly gaining Imre’s attention and the two begin a love affair which does not sit well with Dobi.

While Elisabeth has her fun with Imre, she does not realize that her youth is only temporarily. Sometime during the night, when she is with Imre, Elisabeth suddenly turns old again and she storms out of the room before Imre could see her. Upon realizing that blood from another girl is needed Julie brings a gypsy girl to Elisabeth, to have her fortune read and then serve as the next victim. After a while of Imre courting Elisabeth he proposes to her and she immediately says yes. With raging jealousy, Dobi decides to set Imre up by taking him to get a drink and arranging for Ziza, who is known for getting around, to sleep with him. Elisabeth decides to use Ziza’s blood when she turns old once again, but this time her youth is not restored. Fabio catches on to what is going on tells them that it must be the blood of a virgin which restores her youth. With this new information Dobi goes out and brings one to the Countess, her youth instantly returning with the victim’s blood.

With Fabio’s knowledge he is hanged by Dobi’s orders. Once Fabio is dead Dobi takes Imre to Elisabeth who then confesses to him who she really is. Even though Imre does not want to stay with her she tells him that he is the one who murdered Ziza and will have him charged for murder. With so many murders in the castle all the girls are sent away until the murderer is found, this leaves Elisabeth without virgins at her disposal so she sends Dobi out to get her one. The girl Dobi brings Elisabeth ends up being her own daughter and when Julie finds out that Ilona is the next victim she introduces her to Imre and tells him that he must get her away.

The wedding day comes, the ceremony has started and Julie has gone for Ilona, trying to get her to escape. Upon hearing the music and the priest Ilona grows curious and refuses to leave without taking a peek. During the ceremony Elisabeth suddenly turns old again, scaring the priest. Elisabeth goes frantic trying to find her next victim, but Imre tries to stop her as she approaches Ilona, he ends up stabbed and killed. The people realize it is Elisabeth that has been killing the young women and they imprison her. From then on Elisabeth is known as Countess Dracula or devil woman.

Gender and SexualityEdit

Considering both articles, “Victorian Sexualities” and “Gender Roles in the 19th Century” along with the film Countess Dracula some connections could be made among the articles and the film. Within the article, “Victorian Sexualities” it mentions, “…sexual purity of the respectable woman…” meaning that the women had to remain virgins until marriage. This ties back in with the film since the Countess needed the blood of a virgin girl in order to regain her youth. A virgin is a representation of purity showing that she still has her innocence since she has not been with a man. Something that goes against what the article mentions in the film is something to look at. Within the article, “Gender Roles in the 19th Century” it mentions “…a young girl was not expected to focus too obviously on finding a husband. Being ‘forward’ in the company of men suggested a worrying sexual appetite” meaning that going after a man was not the girls place. This does not relate to the film since the Countess was practically throwing herself at Imre and setting everything up so that he could court her. If she would have followed what this article says she would not have worried about him courting her and let him do it on his own without her trying to impress him.

Vampires and BloodEdit

After watching Countess Dracula as well as remembering Twilight and a character from The Vampire Diaries a simple observation was made, vampires do not need to drink blood. In Countess Dracula the vampire bathes in the blood of virgin girls in order to remain youthful. In Twilight and The Vampire Diaries the vampires opt out of the norm.



The Olymic Coven, better known as the Cullen family, is known to have a vegetarian diet since they do not feed on human blood. Each of the members may have their personal reasons for living that lifestyle. This vegetarian diet consists of the vampires feeding on animal blood rather than human blood. Being a part of this lifestyle is uncommon for vampires since animal blood is not as appetizing, but it still happens as shown by the Cullen family. A physical trait that sets the vegetarian vampires apart is that their eyes are golden rather than red.

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 1.21.22 PM

The Vampire Diaries

One character in the series, Stefan Salvatore, lives on the vegetarian diet. Stefan does not feed on human blood because he does not know how to control himself and he allows the darker side of him to come out, killing various people at once. This vegetarian diet keeps him in control of his actions. Despite him being weaker due to the lack of human blood and sometimes being mocked for that decision, he sticks to his diet since he knows it is for his benefit.


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