In the beginning of the film “Countess Dracula” directed by Peter Sasdy, the audience meets Countess Elisabeth Nádasdy, who recently became a widow and many people have come for the funeral and to see what her husband gives them on his will. It is evident in the beginning of the film that the Countess is an unhappy woman, she is bitter and angry towards all her servants, and her countenance is one of anger and irritation with the world and the people around her. By looking at the content said about the oppression of women and roles being put on them in the texts “Victorian Sexualities” by Holly Furneaux, and “Gender Roles in the 19th Century” by Kathryn Hughes, we can see what is being said in these texts in the way the Countess acts before and after using young women’s blood to become younger. The story is set in seventeenth century Hungary which is different locations and time periods mentioned in the articles, but the content still relates. It is obvious that the Countess was sexually repressed, and socially in her role as the wife. It is obvious her husband did not care much for her, or see her as an able woman since he made her divide her fortune with their child, which infuriated her. Through bathing in the blood of younger women the Countess is able to liberate herself from the roles and expectations put on her, and she flips them. She is able to liberate herself sexually and socially as she plans to marry a lowly lieutenant and have sexual relations with him. Because this is so liberating for her it makes her happy and she changes from the beginning of the film, and it is also why she throws her sense of morals away and refuses to stop murdering young women. She was finally happy and she was willing to do anything to keep that liberating happiness. But in the end, she had to pay for the evil she did because her love for the youth and freedom drove her mad and led to her being sent to jail, waiting for the gallows.


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