Countess Dracula represents the roles of vampires and the people of that time of the 19th century, while also breaking the traditional roles.  Countess Dracula (1971) is a story of Countess Elisabeth Nadasady’s and her desire for virgin’s blood in order to gain youth and restore beauty, however, it is not a permeant solution and in return, she has to murder multiple virgins to sustain her good looks and young completion. Now Countess Elisabeth Nadasady seems to show the typical role of a vampire, seductive, and her sexuality must be important to her because of her strong desire for youth and beauty. However, she breaks my views of a traditional vampire. I usually grow sympathy for vampires because they have to suck blood, and kill or transform innocent people, not for selfishness but for their own survival and their natural habits. Countess Elisabeth breaks this stereotypical idea of a vampire by murdering people for selfishness, she murders for her beauty but not for survival. From the article titled Gender Roles in the 19th Century,  it explains how woman were to get married because they wanted children but not for sexual desires. Elisabeth breaks this role again because she not only is upset when she finds out her daughter inherits half the estates but also she sends men to kidnap her and take her away since her daughter prevents her from fulfilling her sexual, selfish desires. However, she also represents the typical women of the 19th century because she does care about her appearance and femininity. In the 19th century women would avoid being called “blue-stocking” which meant they lacked femininity and were off-putting. Elisabeth obviously does not want to viewed as this when you see her priorities represented in the movie. Overall Elisabeth represents and breaks many stereotypes of the vampire history.

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