A 16th century Alchemist, made a device called the Cronos, that infects it’s owner with eternal life by stinging them in the wrist like some sort of bug, as well as a hunger for blood. Jesus Gris is a Mexican antique storeowner who comes across the Cronos accidentally and gets stung by it. I thought it was interesting that he is a “good” man, religious, loving grandfather. This contrasts the idea that vampires are monsters. Jesus Gris becomes a Monster on the outside with a good heart, much like the popular movie Twilight, and the Cullens. They do not wish to hurt people to drink their blood. Immortal life, is somewhat seen as a curse to those who are good, and a lot of times portrayed by someone evil if they are in pursuit of it. Much like the two villains in this film. Someone who wants to cheat life, or live long enough to benefit himself or herself only, not to do good. In comparison to popular culture vampire stories, Jesus Gris is not sexualized and attractive, he is quite the opposite and looks quite bad, full of burns, cuts, and pale white skin. I think this movie is somehow comparing religion, with eternal life. The name Jesus Gris is close to that of Jesus Christ. Eternal life for Jesus Gris proves itself sad, as he quotes; he is in pain because he is alive. I think perhaps they are teaching a lesson about a good life is one that eventually ends. Vampires throughout history, are portrayed as lonely and unhappy creatures. Jesus Gris shows us how eternal life is not a good thing. Another connection I made in this film to literature from class this semester, is the fact that vampires always seem to have a human that they would not harm, and instead protect. An example is “Let The right One In”, and Twilight again.

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