In this Mexican movie we begin by going back in time to when an Alchemist created a device called the Cronos. The sole purpose of this device is to simply grant eternal life to whoever utilizes it, however, this device comes with a hunger for blood. Jesus Gris, our main character, is a happy old man who has a loving wife and granddaughter. On one particular day, Jesus and Aurora go to work at his antique shop when suddenly they discover some nasty cockroaches crawling out of one of the antique pieces. Disgusted by this, he then decides to check out and see if there are more inside of this statue. Instead of discovering more roaches they find an unusual looking device. Filled with curiosity, Jesus is inspecting the object when suddenly he gets "stung" by the cronos. Not knowing what happened Jesus simply goes home with the cronos and tries to go to bed. The next morning and interested buyer by the name of Angel comes looking for the Cronos that he knew would be inside of the statue. Angel wants the cronos for his dying uncle who is very demanding. Upset for not finding the cronos inside he then destroys everything inside his shop and Jesus is forced to pay a visit to where Angels uncle is at. Jesus then discovers what kind of device he is dealing with, he discovers that once bitten there is no going back on eternal life. At the annual New Years' celebration, Jesus discovers that the price he has to pay is the ongoing thirst for blood. Not being able to resist the quench, he follows a bleeding man into the bathroom where he is then knocked unconscious by Angel. Angel was instructed to kill Jesus so he takes him near a cliff and pushes the car off the cliff with Jesus still in it. His family believes he is dead and decides to cremate him, but before this is done, Jesus awakens and returns home. Aurora opens the door and immediately knows what situation she is dealing with. Jesus still afraid and not knowing what to do goes to see Angels uncle and Aurora follows him. A fight then arises when Angels uncle tries to kill Jesus and Aurora steps up and hits him in the back of the head leaving him bleeding and unconscious. Jesus then begins to drink his blood but is interrupted by Angel who then also tries to kill him. In order to save himself, Jesus jumps off the roof of the building with Angel and lands on the floor. Angel dies but Aurora brings her grandfather back to life using the Cronos. Jesus not wanting to continue using the device decides to crush it to little pieces and simply leaves it behind. Aurora tells her grandmother what happens and Jesus is back home with his loving family.

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