The topic of the werewolf, and the “evil” wolf has been a subject explored through folklore. While many variations have been recited and recorded, subtle differences can be found in the European roots of the story.

Examining Charles Perrault’s French telling the wolf and Little Red Riding Hood meet on the way to her grandmother’s house. From there, the wolf enters the grandmother’s home and eats her, then pretending to be her when Little Red Riding Hood shows up. What follows is the traditional dialogue that many Americans are familiar with. The wolf and the girl have the classic exchange of “what big eyes you have/all the better to see you with…what big teeth you have/all the better to eat you with”

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In contrast, the Italian/Austrian version titled Little Red Hat tells a similar story but takes advantage of some dark humor to get its message across. In this story, the protagonist Little Red Hat unknowingly handles her grandmother’s dismembered body parts, thinking they are household items. The ogre replies to her comments with remark like “They are your grandmother’s teeth!” When Little Red Hat questions what he said, the ogre tell her to be quiet. This exchange occurs over and over again. While the story ends in traditional fashion, the girl being eaten by the antagonist, it this new flair in the writing style that gives a story a comical, or perhaps grimmer, edge. This story is also different than most other versions because instead of a wolf, the featured villain is an ogre.


Finally, there is the German/Polish version of the tale titled Little Red Hood ( This telling is very similar to Perrault’s but features the edition of the huntsman at the end. In this version after eating Little Red Hood, the wolf is discovered the huntsman. The huntsman cuts his stomach open and pills out Red Hood and her grandmother who make a full recovery. The wolf is f=then filled with rocks and skinned after he dies. The grandmother walks away healed while Little Red learns to never go where her mother has forbidden



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