Character: Blade (1998)

Real Name: Eric Brooks

Species: Vampire

Type: Daywalker


Blade looks like a normal human being, until people notice that he has fangs and his eyes are different. He always wears goggles perhaps to remind the vampires that they will never see the sun and that they are being hunted by a vampire that can or perhaps it was just part of his character design. Blade is seen usually wearing black clothing like long coats, body armor, and combat boots.


In the film, Blade in a hospital where her mother was bitten and attacked by an “animal”, though the audience know it was by a vampire. Blade becomes a half vampire or daywalker because of this. He becomes a vampire hunter because to avenge the death of his mother and to destroy all blood-suckers.


A young man was lured unknowingly into a club. Blade saves the poor fellow by killing off all the remaining vampires except one to leave a message. The police take the supposed corpse to the morgue. The body attacks the doctor names Karen Jenson. Blade shows up knowing the vampire names Quin isn’t dead proceeds to battle him. Quin escapes and Blade saves Karen from blooding out and to be treated. Blade tells Karen to leave the city because she is now marked by the vampires having being bitten by one. Arguments happen between the vampire elders and the younger vampires. Blade saves the doctor from an attack and gets information from the police man who was a familiar to a vampire. Blade goes on to fight but has to inject himself with the serum to subdue his desire for blood as he is still part vampire, but the serum starts losing its effectiveness because of the overuse. Doctor Karen finds a way to cure the vampiric-infection, but the cure doesn’t work on daywalkers like Blade. She gets kidnapped, but saves her and battles Frost who was the leader of the young vampire faction. Frost summons the power of the La Magra the vampire god, but Blade kills him anyway and tells Karen to create another serum. He is seen at the end killing vampires.


Enhances Strength, Durability, Sight, Hearing, and etc


Half Immortal


Hand to hand Combat

Weapons Training

Course Material:

Outside Source:

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