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Deacon Frost [1] is a fictional vampire villain who appears in Marvel Comics and the movie, Blade. He is an enemy of Blade. In the comics, he is portrayed as a tall, middle aged, white haired man who had red eyes. In the 1998 film, he is the main antagonist but appears more younger than the comic book version.

Frost was a scientist looking for a way to achieve immortality. He kidnapped a girl to test how injecting vampire blood into her would affect her, but her fiancee broke in and injected Frost with the blood. As a result, Frost became a vampire; however, since it was an unusual way to become a vampire, Frost had a unique characteristic: anyone he bit would turn into a doppelganger. Frost was actually responsible for the death of Blade's mother, which is why Blade had to fight his own mom when trying to get through Frost's army.

Film Edit

In the film, Frost's main objective was to transform into La Magra (the vampire blood god)[2]. He felt very strongly that the world belonged to the vampire race, and that he would have to destroy the humans to restore this order. He went on to kill the House of Erebus leaders in order to complete a part of the ritual. He continued on his quest to become the blood god and hits a small road block when Blade and Karen show up to stop him. However, they were unsuccessful and Frost completed the ritual, becoming the blood god. He then challenged Blade to a sword fight. Blade accepted, and proceeded to cut Frost's arm off and slice him in half. This was only a temporary victory for Blade, as Frost re-grew his arm and re-connected his body. As a last resort, Blade used the EDTA [3] darts on Frost. This caused Frost to swell up and explode, since the EDTA caused a reaction in vampire blood.

References Edit

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