A soldier was on his way to his village when he decided to stop to visit a miller who he had once been very close to. They chatted and drank until the sun went down and when the soldier decided he was going to head home the miller told him that he should spend the night. The miller was worried that his friend would become a victim of a dead sorcerer that came to life at night time and tormented the innocent. Unfazed by what his friend had told him, the soldier made his way home and noticed a fire at a cemetery. Here, he met with the sorcerer, who was friendly with him and invited him to a wedding. At the wedding, they were very social and treated well, but suddenly, after a couple of drinks, the sorcerer became mad, put the newlyweds to sleep and scared everyone away. He then collected their blood in two separate vials. After leaving the wedding, the sorcerer and soldier had a conversation about how to bring the couple back to life and how to kill the sorcerer. The couples had to have an open wound on their heels and their blood had to be poured into it for them to live again. As for the sorcerer, he had to be burned in 100 cartloads of aspen wood and all the vermin that came out of his body had to be burned as well. The sorcerer then tries to kill the soldier, but then the sun rises and the sorcerer goes back to being dead. The soldier takes the vials of blood, brings back the couple to life, and gathers the villagers to kill the sorcerer. After setting the sorcerer on fire, all the villagers made sure to burn everything that came out of the sorcerer; they didn’t let anything get away. The soldier was rewarded, got to serve the emperor once again, and lived happily after his retirement. [1]

Early Vampire


Early vampires did not die with the sunrise. They would either disappear or go into a state of unconsciousness until the sun went down. [2]

Although the sorcerer is not explicitly said to be a vampire, his qualities and weaknesses are like other vampires such as the ones from Bucket of Blood and Dracula. The sorcerer is depicted as a fearful, ugly creature that collects blood to take away the life of the living. In addition, the sunrise puts him in a state where he’s practically lifeless, similar to Dracula when he sleeps with his eyes open but in a state of unconsciousness. [3]

In Bucket of Blood, the vampire’s corpse disappears upon sunrise and is also killed with an aspen stake. [4]

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