Soldier was going back to his home, and near his home village he met his old friend. His old friend asked him to “drop in”, so they went out for a wine. When soldier decided to leave, his old friend warned him about the sorcerer (vampire) who died recently, but revive at the night time, and harm the villagers. The soldier did not listen to his friend’s warning and decided to continue his journey. On the way, he saw a light flashing at the graveyard, so he went to that light to see where it is coming from. There he saw a sorcerer sitting, so he approached to the sorcerer and called him. The sorcerer asked soldier why he came to the graveyard, and soldier answered that he was just curious what the sorcerer was doing. Then sorcerer asked soldier to go the wedding that is happening at the village with him. In the wedding, sorcerers drank too much and got angry, so he kicked all the guests out, put bride and groom to sleep, and took small portion of blood from bride and groom from their arm. On the way back to the graveyard, soldier asked him why he took the blood, and sorcerer answered so they will die tomorrow. The soldier tricked sorcerer to reveal the secret that could revive bride and groom (cut their heels and pour blood back) from death, and a way to stop the sorcerer (gathers 100 aspen wood to make a bonfire, then burn the sorcerer and all the bugs that will fly and crawl out from his belly). When they reached the graveyard, the sorcerer tried to kill the soldier, but couldn’t because the soldier defeated himself until the morning came. Next day, soldier went to the village, revived bride and groom, dug sorcerer from the graveyard with villagers and burned him completely with all the bugs that came out from his stomach. After saving the village from evil sorcerer, the soldier went back to his emperor and lived happily ever after.

Vampires today and before

This story is one of the story that created the original image of a vampire. Along with this story, we can see that vampires or werewolves were mainly depicted as evil, harmful, disgusting creatures in the old folktales such as “Werewolf’s Daughter” or “The damnable Life and Death of Stubbe Peeter”. However looking at the movies or books that are written and created today such as “Hotel Transylvania” or “Twilight”, we can see that the vampires are not seen as scary and harmful monsters anymore, but they are seen as more familiar, friendly, and somewhat glamorized characters. This transformation was able to happen because of fandom communities who continuously tried to create unique, creative and new images of vampires and werewolves by writing books, making movies, or drawing pictures of them.


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