Death at a wedding is about a soldier returning back home after he was sent on home leave. It is through the means of his old friend, the miller, that he discovers that there is a danger lurking through the village at night. “God has punished us! A dreadful sorcerer had died recently, at night he rises from the grave, wanders throughout the village and does things that arouse fear even among the bravest!”(19) These were the words used to describe a vampire terrorizing this small village. In this story we do not see the usual stereotypical form of a vampire who is described as sleeping in coffins and wears a cape.

After leaving the millers cottage, the soldier finds himself face to face with the sorcerer who then invites him to a nearby wedding. At the wedding the sorcerer becomes angry and chases all away from the wedding except the bride and groom who he put to sleep. To ensure the bride and groom would die he pricked their arms and collected their blood. When they are heading back to the cemetery, the sorcerer kept rambling on to the soldier about how he could bring back to life the bride and groom and about how he himself could be killed. The sorcerer could only be killed if someone gathers a hundred cartloads of aspen wood to make a bonfire and cremates him, however, vipers, maggots, and other vermin will crawl out of his belly and every single one of them should also be burned in the fire because if a single one escapes then he will be able to come back to life.

When his story came to an end, the sorcerer then attempts to kill the soldier but fails since the sun began to rise and the cocks began to crow. With his new acquired knowledge, the soldier returned to the village to save the bride and groom in return for half of what the family owned. After reviving the happy couple, the soldier then went to the town elder and demand for the peasants to prepare one hundred cartloads of aspen firewood. “They hauled the wood to the cemetery, piled it up, dragged the sorcerer from his grave, put him on the pile, and lit the bonfire.”(21) Having followed the exact orders the sorcerer gave the soldier, he was able to defeat the sorcerer and make sure that he stayed dead. The soldier then lived happily ever after.

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