Dr. Alfred Brandon is a greedy, success driven, mad scientist, that uses hypnosis to seek a never before seen scientific discovery for his own selfish reasons.  A doctor out of greed uses a troubled kid as evidence for his experiments and ends up creating a monster.  Dr. Brandon couldn’t care less about a human life so long as it could bring him triumph or glory.  In this movie, you learn that Dr. Brandon is to blame for all that is to happen to the town of Rockdale [1].

Dr. Brandon is first mentioned in the film when Officer Donovan breaks up a fight involving Tony, and he recommends that Tony seek psychological help, especially a Dr. Brandon who could help with his type of problem.  When Tony meets Dr. Brandon, the doctor gives him something and promises to get Tony to be himself…his real self.  Dr. Brandon mixes up a serum to give to Tony so they could begin their hypnosis sessions.  We learn about Dr. Brandon’s intentions when his assistant constantly expresses his concerns, how Dr. Brandon does not care about sacrificing a life, especially Tony’s since he thinks the police would be happy to be rid of a problem kid.  He explains how he learned about Tony and his track record, and information from his principal which convinced the doctor that Tony would be the perfect host for his experiment.  Dr. Brandon’s plan is to use hypnosis to regress Tony to his past and when it all started, most importantly transform him into the monster he really is and release the savage within him.  He does this because mankind is destroying itself and the only hope to saving the human race is to go back to its primitive self…to start over. [2]

Dr. Brandon continues with his sessions and hypnosis on Tony and insists that Tony remember that he is a werewolf. Eventually Dr. Brandon is successful, and chaos erupts in the town of Rockdale.  We learn that Dr. Brandon has always known about the origins of werewolves.  Dr. Brandon wants evidence of the transformation when Tony comes back after his killing spree, and the doctor wants to record and film his new discovery.  He wants this evidence to showcase his deepest secret creation to prove to other scientists and show off his achievement as the first perfect case of regression.  Unfortunately for Dr. Brandon and his assistant, as they injected Tony one last time, he indeed transformed into a werewolf in front them and proceeded to kill his creators.  [3]

This story is different from most werewolf stories where the werewolf is the one who manipulates people and convinces them to do what he wants, like Little Red Riding Hood (Long, 1891) or The Werewolf’s Daughter (Baring-Gould, 1865)In this story, the doctor is the real monster who manipulates the werewolf only to have his monster turn on him in the end.


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