Dracula’s Daughter came out in 1936. It is an American horror film following the first film called Dracula. The film is about Countess Marya Zaleska who is the daughter of Dracula. She is also a vampire. She lights her father’s dead body on fire because she wants to live like a human. The beginning of the film picks up right where Dracula left off with Van Helsing being arrested for the murder of Dracula. While there many themes in this sequel, one of the most prominent theme is female homosexuality in the 1930’s. While this theme is never directly referenced, many viewers suspected that Marya Zaleska’s character was a lesbian. She searches for females and has a preference for female blood. According to a source, people were taken aback by Marya Zaleska’s female-only tendencies and lesbian implications (Vess). The source also claims that there was a very erotic theme throughout the movie. It claims that her “cure” from vampirism is really about the cure from homosexuality which is a very interesting theory (Marsh)

Another source from Vice points out that Marya Zaleska actually makes advances towards another woman. In particular, Dracula’s daughter seduces Janet (Fleming). Overall, I have noticed that the theme of vampires in general is highly sexualized. This reminded me of the story titled, “The Werewolf and the Vampire”. In this story, George and Carola have a highly romanticized relationship. At one point, Carola says, “I don’t mind what people say. I like them to be natural. Here she is referring to her relationship with George as a human (Chetwynd-Hayes 420). Although this is a heterosexual relationship, there is a strong correlation and theme between vampires and sexuality. Furthermore, both stories highlight a vampire-human relationship that is highly fetishized in today’s society. There were many mixed reviews about the movie overall and expressing homosexual references in Dracula's daughter.

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