The following story is an account by an ambassador from the Turkish sultan who was sent on a diplomatic mission to Dracula, a Christian prince of the Greek faith, who lived in the Wallachian lands……………

“Were your men served with great eateries and beverage, my honorable diplomat from the sultan?” asked Dracula. I humbly responded, “Indeed, my good lord! My men were delighted at the variety provided by your great countrymen.” Come to think of lord Dracula, no amount of words can describe his intellect, fairness and justice in his land, forgiving heart. On this good day, Dracula and a fine bunch of us are accompanied by his handful of elite cavalries to a hunting activity, in a forest outside the Wallachian city, when the sun is shining right above the sky. There came a strange encounter, a dispute between two women, soaked in water and in desperate attempt, holding onto a crying newborn baby, at a distance. Being bothered, lord Dracula sent out one of his men to bring the duo to where we stand……

“My wise Dracula, I was taking a bath in the nearby lake. In her hand was my baby, for I had faith in her that she would take care of the baby for the brief moment. This filthy woman deceived me and took away my baby by surprise.” wept one women. “Display of crocodile tears is not to be trusted….. I am the true mother of my child.” angrily shot back the other woman. Then the two went onto fighting again. Dracula seemed to have determined the liar at that very moment. “Very well…. I will pass the judgment. Will you two accept that?” intervened Lord Dracula. Both women agreed the offer……….

Lord Dracula drew a straight line on the ground, then asked the two to stand by opposite sides of the line drawn, on which the boy was made asleep. “One is to grab the boy by arms and the other is to by the two legs and pull towards oneself, for I believe the God will give a true mother the ultimate strength to do so out of sheer desire for the boy.” Instructed Dracula. The two did so as instructed, and the boy was pulled, to and fro. The baby started to cry in pain, and the cry of the child made one of the two grieve. Finally, she loosened her hand grip and gave up on the attempt. A brief flash of disdain burnt in Dracula’s eye. A glimmer of hope perhaps………..

“Enough! I shall now pass my judgment” repeated Dracula. The prince turned to the crowd and continued, “My fellow followers, whose love for a child is strong, a stranger or a true mother? A scream of a child is to the mother a thousand thunder strikes to the chest. Should the woman who let go of the baby or who did the otherwise be called a mother? My good men, look at her, she doesn’t blink and her eyes are red. She doesn’t cast a shadow on the ground under the sunshine. She must indeed be a witch in disguise. Show your true self!”  Being surrounded and outnumbered by soldiers, the woman gave up on the hope of escaping, and morphed into her original form of ogress. The ogress asked for mercy, to which Dracula replied, “Leave the innocent people alone! One more attempt means a stake driven to your heart. Let this be your last time………..”

I retired from serving my country a while ago. This was my memorable encounter with the Lord Dracula that I never will forget. To this day, Lord Dracula’s famous rulings are spilling over to sovereign neighbors.

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