Dracula is a story written by Bram Stoker, world renowned for its themes and story line. It is a novel that has gathered a excess of attention, and even to this day is regarded as one of the most famous narratives to ever be written. One of the themes that was extremely popular within the novel was the constant battle between good and evil. Stoker wrote a tale that made Count Dracula out to an individual who could not be described with any other adjective other than evil. Count Dracula's name quite literally translated to be what we understand to be the "devil" in english. Within the novel he conflicts regularly with a group that refers to themselves and the "Crew of Light", who are dedicated to the destruction of Count Dracula. This group will stop at nothing to achieve this goal going to great lengths throughout the course of the novel to put an end to the infamous Vampire himself. Dracula himself represented more than just the main villain within Stokers novel. He represented the entire construct of vampires, and the "paranoia" that the bloodsuckers were known to induce among the majority of the public. The vampire was a true embodiment of what the deepest and darkest fears of people, and Dracula was the ultimate model for this sentiment. The Crew of Light however, was a direct contrast for the darkness that Dracula was known to be responsible for. Even though the Crew of Light was not without fault, as they were only human, they stood for the innate goodness that resided within humans. The sacrifices that the Crew of Light made in order to put a stop to the monster that we know Dracula to be shows the utter commitment that the Crew of Light had to putting a legitimate stop to the vampire.

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