The film, “Dracula” made in 1931 by Bram Stoker was a film that made history. The film Dracula, being a horror film, involved an intense amount of mystery and curiosity that was instilled into the audience.  The director, Bram Stoker did a phenomenal job when selling the mysterious theme that was portrayed throughout the whole movie. Starting with the beginning characters in the small village that are frightened when hearing the words Count Dracula are deeply frightened. This automatically sets off the tone that he is dangerous display a great amount of fear and advises all to stay away sets the tone right away. Achieving the theme of horror and fear seemed greatly achieved. Dracula, looking so pale yet so dark at the same time, with his piercing eyes that was always so visible even when a dark shadow always covered him. Everything about Dracula displays mystery and fear. Each prop and character that was added to this film made each scene so fascinating. The audience should find themselves filed with curiosity and hope, it’s interesting that the villain of the film is found to be someone that people cheer on. Wanting Count Dracula and Mina to fall in love is odd but in a way very wishful.

Sound is what put each scene together perfectly. Feeling each mood of the characters helps pull the audience closer. Count Dracula is more fearsome when you can hear the haunting and screeching music in the background. Not only was the music something to fear but also the speech of Dracula took the fear to a new level. Having poor English and a strong European accent, the speech of Dracula was something that made the audience want to listen (mainly because he barley spoke so when he did it was hypnotizing itself).

Each of theater aits that are displayed in the film create more than a story, it creates a feeling of involvement in the film. Each element make the film filled with horror.

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