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Dracula the Un-dead is a 2009 novel by Bram Stoker's great-grand nephew Dacre Stoker and Ian Holt. The novel was an attempt by the Stoker family to regain control of the Dracula legend and correct inconsistencies in the original novel.


The book is set twenty-five years after the original novel, with the main character being Quincey Harker, the son of Jonathan and Mina from the novel. Since their "success," the lives of the heroes have gone downhill. The morphine-addicted Seward attempts to track down Elizabeth Báthory, who he believes is a vampire. Quincey and Seward become acquainted with the Romanian actor Basarab, who is attacked by Báthory's vampiric attendants. Seward saves him and chases after the vampires, only to be run down by a coach in which the vampires escape.

Returning to London, after noting Basarab's disdain for Bram Stoker's novel Dracula, they discover that Jonathan Harker has been murdered, seemingly by Abraham Van Helsing. They recruit Arthur Holmwood and return to the theatre during a dress rehearsal of Dracula, where Báthory duels with Basarab, setting fire to the theatre. Mina is arrested for the murder of one vampire but Holmwood and Harker escape to Seward's hotel room, where they learn that Basarab is Dracula from the vampirised Van Helsing. They fight and Holmwood sacrifices himself to destroy Van Helsing. Harker sets out for Carfax Abbey.

Meanwhile, the officers escorting Mina are attacked by Báthory, now in the form of a gargoyle. Mina escapes to an underground train, where Dracula duels Báthory, revealing that they are cousins. Dracula appears to be losing but is saved by Mina's quick thinking. She then helps him to reach Carfax Abbey for the final showdown. Dracula explains that he came to London to slay Báthory, who was committing the crimes of "Jack the Ripper". He concedes that atttempting to destroy him was noble but he comments that they got the wrong monster. Dracula turns Mina into a vampire at last, convincing her that it would be the only way to defeat Báthory.

Báthory and Dracula duel at Carfax Abbey. Dracula prevails but is badly wounded. Meeting Quincey, he reveals the truth: Dracula is Quincey's father. Quincey rejects his vampiric father and his mother, leaving Dracula to die of his injuries and Mina to commit suicide.

Quincey boards a ship bound for America, but boxes labelled Basarab are also taken aboard. It is revealed that the ship is the RMS Titanic.

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