In the song, “Lil’ Red Riding Hood” by Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs the werewolf approaches little red riding hood because he is attracted to her. Instead of following the stereotypical role of werewolves being portrayed as aggressive natural born killers, he yearns for Little Red Riding Hood instead. For example, the song lyrics write, “Little red riding hood you’re everything a big bad wolf would want”. The wolf wants to protect and hold onto little red riding hood instead of harming or even killing her. Even though he is a monster, he wants to be good and not give into the monster within. This theme of wanting to do good with evil is shown in the movie Dracula Untold, where the main character Vlad, makes a deal with the master vampire with a steep price. In order to stop the Turks and save his homeland, Vlad needs to borrow the power of the master vampire, and Vlad does this by drinking his blood. With the Master Vampire’s blood comes extraordinary powers, and if Vlad is to give into the unattainable thirst for blood, then he is to remain a vampire for eternity. Given no other choice, Vlad gladly accepts this burden and uses evil to wipe out another evil, all while trying to contain the monster within. Another theme showed in this movie is selflessness, which is shown when Vlad chooses to drink his dying wives blood in order to rescue his captured son from the Turks. In order to save his son and his city, Vlad chooses to become the monster within for all of eternity, and uphold his duty to his people. This same theme of selflessness is shown again in the 2010 news broadcast on “Teenage Werewolves” when one of the members being interviewed says, “The pack, we’re a family, we go to each other for our problems”. This means that the pack will act selfless when one of its members needs their help, just as Vlad did in the movie Dracula Untold

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