“Dracula” one of Stoker’s character was named after a Prince who indeed had a like for blood. I see what you are saying about the begging scene with the peasants. Transylvania is known to be a land that is mysterious and to have vampires. An interesting aspect about the connection to history and the film is the reality of the real story that did happen. The real bloodsucking person was Vlad, ruler of Transylvania in the 1400’s. He was a man who craved cruelty and blood. This is where Stoker got his original idea for the name Dracula. Even the creation of his castles and real life where an inspiration to Stoker novel then film. As you stated Transylvania known for its beautiful landscape was the best setting for Stoker’s idea. Now the translation of Dracula is dragon which has a connection to not only Dracula’s traits but the person he becomes. He grows to be a fearless warrior. He made sure to get revenge on those who opposed them and did it by killing them and drinking their blood. As history explains the way Vlad killed it was a lot more gruesome than Dracula he would gouge out eyes and chop off limbs; especially to women. It is easy to see the inspiration behind Dracula through the real life history of Vlad. Yet you see the difference in the cruelty being said that Vlad was a Medieval man who believed in suffering. When we think of the Castles, there is not one in particular that Stoker could have been inspired by knowing that he traveled Romania. All in all, we can conclude that history had a great impact on Bram Stoker’s ideas about the novel and film.

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