Eileen Townsend Vampire

Eileen Townsend is an international banking executive who became a villainous vampiress in "Damsel in Distress," the 8th episode of Dracula: The Series. She arrived in Europe with her sons, Chris and Max, in the series pilot, "Children of the Night," and it was there that they encountered billionaire Alexander Lucard, who is really Count Dracula. In the aforementioned "Damsel in Distress," Eileen engages in a dinner meeting with Lucard, unaware of his dark secret. Eileen turned heel when she was revealed to have become a vampire and hissed at her sons while they held up crosses to hold Lucard at bay. She knocked the crosses from the boys possession and gave an evil laugh as she danced with Lucard. In the episode's climax, the villainous Eileen attempted to turn Max, but her love for her younger son overpowered the evil within her, and she later regained her humanity.

Eileen Townsend was played by Lynne Cormack.