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The teenage vampire Eli from Let the Right One In[1] is an outsider who struggles fitting into society because of her vampire characteristics and physical abnormalities. Eli is a mysterious and abnormally pale girl who may seem like a normal teenage girl but is over 200 years old. She lives with the middle-aged man Hakan, who helps Eli by finding her blood. Eli isn’t like most kids her age in that she doesn’t go to school, lives with just Hakan in an apartment, and does not have many friends. She is isolated from society because of her vampire-state and finds it difficult to find friends and live peacefully. Eli’s physical appearance, strange social nature, and lack of a normal teenage life make her the epitome of social exclusion. She befriends fellow outsider Oskar, but even struggles maintaining a normal friendship with him because of her secret. When Oskar tries to form a “blood bond” with Eli by sharing blood, without him knowing she is a vampire, she freaks out seeing blood but runs away realizing she does not want to hurt him. She constantly kills to satisfy her cravings for blood, and even ends up killing Hakan for his blood when he ends up in the hospital. Despite Eli’s compassion for Oskar and desire to be good, she can certainly be viewed as a monster. She kills for blood, tricks people, hides her true identity from Oskar, and spreads fear in the area. Although she is quite the outsider from society, she is able to bond with Oskar through both of them having the desire to kill and carry out their gruesome thoughts. Similar to Eli's character throughout the movie, Buffy Summers in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"[2] appears to be a normal teenager on the outside but holds secrets. In contrast to Eli, Buffy kills vampires in order to protect people, while Eli is the one killing. On the outside Eli appears as a normal teenage girl, but she carries many secrets and vampire characteristics that make her unique and abnormal.


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