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1. Appearance 2. Personality 3. Powers and Abilities 4. Weaknessess 5. Gender 6. Relationships with Others


We are first introduced to Eli in the film “Let the Right One in” as a girl, no older than 12. Due to her vampirism, Eli will never be able to go through puberty and develop into an adult which is why she continues to look like a pre-teen even though she is older than the age that she appears. Eli is also portrayed as have very pale skin which is typical for vampires. Eli has an oval face with a small, slender nose and wavy dark brown hair that ends just past her chin. Throughout the film, Eli’s appearance changes very gradually varying from scene to scene. In certain scenes, we can see that her eye color has changed due to very convincing CGI or very realistic colored contacts. The size and shape of her eyes also change in certain scenes, as does the fullness of her face and the length of her chin.


Eli is depicted in the film as being very introverted and not having much to say unless it is needed. It can be perceived that Eli has become introverted due to her inability to age and generate meaningful relationships with people besides her caretaker, Hakan. Although she is seen as introverted to most people, Eli does have warm and nurturing side to herself that becomes clear in regards to Oskar. She cares for him, especially when she learns the true nature of his wounds and how his classmates bully him on a constant basis. Write the second section of your page here.

Powers and Abilities

Eli is shown as having powers and abilities commonly associated with vampires. She is able to fly, and has inhumane strength. She is also able to entrance her victims when she feeds on them. Eli is also able to withstand very cold temperatures which is helpful when she goes out without shoes. She is also very agile and able to climb trees without any issues. One very interesting ability that Eli has in the novel but not the movie is the ability to give people the chance to relive their memories. This is depicted when she kisses Oskar and is able to show him a memory.


As with typical vampire strengths, typical vampire weaknesses also effect Eli. Eli cannot go into a person’s home without being invited. If she does enter, she will begin to shake and bleed out from her ears and skin. Eli is unable to digest human food and becomes ill when attempted. Eli cannot survive without fresh human blood either. And she is unable to be in sunlight as it will burn her skin.


Little is mentioned about Eli’s gender within the film. In the 2008 film, we are given the idea that Eli is a female, but as the film progresses, we learn that she in fact has no genitalia. This is shown in a scene between herself and Oskar. She proceeds to tell Oskar that she is not actually a girl, but was born a boy and given the name Elias. Although we are given little information about Eli’s gender and how it came to be in the film, the novel by the same name does give us more information. In the novel, we learn that Eli was actually born a boy named Elias to a peasant family in the 1700’s. Elias and his family lived near an evil lord who took pleasure in taking away boys from their families and castrating young boys for his own sadistic pleasures. Unfortunately, Elias was one of the boys the evil lord took and upon castrating him, he turned Elias into a vampire. Not much more information is given after that except that by the time the audience is introduced to Elias, he now goes by Eli and does not correct others when assuming he is a female.

Relationship with Others

Hakam: The first images we see of Hakam in the film are of him looking lovingly down at what we believe is a young child. We eventually go on to find out the Hakam is Eli, a young child infected with vampirisms, care take and father figure for all intents and purposes. We learn the Eli first met Hakam a very long time ago and he has devoted his entire life to making sure she has enough blood to drink and ensure her survival. Hakam cares a great deal for Eli, even going as far as to murder innocent people to make sure she has fresh blood to drink. He is willing to die for her and carries bleach with him when he goes out on killings just in case he is caught and can maim himself so to protect Eli and her secret. Although his feelings for Eli run very deep, is does not seem as the feelings are reciprocated. Eli seems to only care for Hakam when he is beneficial to her, but when that goes away, so does any feelings Eli may have once had. Oskar: Oskar plays a very important role in the film as well as in Eli’s life. Upon Eli moving in, they develop a very close friendship which ultimately leads to romantic feelings being exchanged. Eli cares deeply for Oskar upon finding out that he is being beaten up and bullied by his classmates. Eli gives Oskar the support and confidence he needs in order to stand up to the bullies. By the end of the film, we see the Oskar may just be a replacement for Hakam since Eli will always need someone to take care of her. One way wonder just how many young boys Eli has had caring for her during her time on Earth.

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