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Elizabeth Báthory

Elizabeth Báthory was a 16th Century Hungarian countess from the family of Báthory who is infamous as a serial killer and romanticized as a real-life vampire.

So-called "history"Edit

Born to George Bathory on the 7th of August in 1560, she lived to be a very well-educated woman. Until she saw that blood made her skin look younger...


Bathori Crest

he started to murder young girls for their blood, with the total number suspected to be over 600. For her crimes she was arrested and walled up for 4 years before death on the 21st of August, 1614.

However, most of the "information" in her legend has been misreported, misunderstood, exaggerated or fabricated altogether over the generations. Much of the details of torture were hearsay and the number killed by Báthory appears to have been at most 200. László Nagy argues that Báthory was the victim of a conspiracy against her Protestant family, who were opposed to the ruling Habsburgs.

Fictional DepictionsEdit



Films, television, comics and plays have portrayed Erzebet Bathori as a vampire many times.

Blood Scarab showed her as the reluctant wife of Count Dracula.

Eternal portrayed her as a decadent serial killer.

Werewolf Shadow showed archeology students accidentally reviving her, one of whom became her victim and a vampire.

The Countess deals with the historical figure, but portrays her as an insane mass murderer.

Daughtersofdarkness elizabeth


Countess Dracula
from Hammer had Ingrid Pitt effectlively recounting the legend.

Daughters of Darkness had Daphne Seyrig as an unaging elegant nomad, seducing her way across Europe.

She is a major character in the video game Castlevania.

Also, she is one of the antagonists in Dynamite Comics' crossover of Dark Shadows/Vampirella.


Báthory has been immortalised in popular culture.

Swedish black metal band Bathory was named after her, and recorded a song entitled Woman of Dark Desires on their album Under the Sign of the Black Mark

The extreme metal band Cradle of Filth recorded a song on their Cruelty and the Beast album called Báthory Aria, based on her story.

For more on Elizabeth Báthory , see her page at Wikipedia

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