Nosferatu is arguably the most popular vampire character of all time next to what the film was centered around, that Bram Stroker’s  Dracula. His ghastly pale skin, bald-head, and most signifying long and demonic fingers allow him to stand out physically in the scariest manner amongst others in the saga of vampires.

Nosferatu, played by Max Schreck, stars in the silent German expressionist film, or film noir style movie, Nosferatu (1922) and conveys what some say refer to as the most hideous and malicious vampire in history. In the article 11 Nightmarish Facts About Nosferatu, the author exclaims about Schreck was the perfect actor to play Nosferatu. The article exclaims, “…the actor’s colleagues regarded him as a “loyal, conscientious loner with an offbeat sense of humor and a talent for playing the grotesque…Fittingly enough, the man’s last name is the German word for “terror.” Schreck’s performance was so effective that some viewers wondered if the mysterious thespian was an actual vampire in real life.” An actor like Schreck must have fit the role of Nosfertau perfectly in the sense that if he were frighten people back then so much to convince them that vampires were non-fictional characters, he must of done a pretty good job playing the party. Additionally, the actual characteristics of Nosferatu make him the malevolent vampire he plays in themovie.

Nosferatu was a vampire that craved blood from the living on a consistent basis. You’re able to see his extreme craving for blood right when Hutter is eating with Nosferatu and cuts his hand. Immediately, Nosferatu rushes over and tries to suck the blood out. Nosferstu was also the first vampire to be showed as a fictional vampire that could be killed by sunlight, like at the end of the film when he’s too fixated on trying to drink blood and the sunlight destroys him. Dracula, which the movie was based of off, was killed with a knife instead of sunlight.  


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