The ancient folktale Little Red Hat is originated from Italy/Austria.[1] It takes a dramatic and gruesome turn from the quite known tale of Little Red Riding Hood.[2] This story trails away from your usual children eating werewolf and transforms it into an ogre. The story begins with a young girl called Little red hat who sets out to her grandmothers house in a village. She is to take some soup to her sick grandmother but gets distracted along the way when she meets an ogre and tells her that he hill take a thorn path and she can go straight across the stones. Little red hat then becomes distracted picking flowers and allows the ogre to get to her grandmothers house before. The ogre then kills and eats the grandmother, and when he does he ties her intestine onto the door, placed her blood, teeth, and jaws in the kitchen cupboard. When little red hat finally arrives to her grandmothers house the ogre is waiting for her in bed. She feels the door handle to be soft she questions the ogre and he replies to "Just pull and keep quiet. It is your grandmother's intestine!" The girl not hearing quite correctly asks "What did you say?" and the ogre replies with "Just pull and keep quiet!" Once inside the girl is hungry and the ogre tells her to eat some rice (grandmothers teeth), two pieces of chopped meat (grandmother's jaws), and drink some wine (grandmother's blood). The girl being clueless of all that just happened becomes tired and gets into bed with the ogre. She then begins to notice that her grandma looks a bit odd with her hairy aspect, long legs, long hands, long ears, and big mouth. While asking all these questions the ogre responds in a calm and smart manner and the swallows poor little red hat.

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