Gender and Age Roles in The Building of Skadar

In the folktale The Building of Skadar, the wives are only referred to when they would affect the building of Skadar. When the oldest brother is told the only way to keep this city from continually falling down, is to kill which ever brother wife brings them lunch the next day, he does not even bat an eye. The eldest brother accepts this as the only way to build Skadar. The siblings agree to not tell their wives of this plan. 

Of course the oldest breaks this promise as well as the middle child. The fact both of the oldest and middle children break the more aligns with birth order . The oldest child believes he can do what he wants because he has authority over his younger siblings. While the middle child has discontent from the older child bossing him around for so long leading him to disregard this promise. While the youngest has been bossed around by both of his older siblings leading to he just going along with the plan. 

As for the wives, they adopted with same mentality as their given husbands. But when the youngest wife came to bring the three brother lunch he only mentioned his wife as the mother of his children. He weeped for his child not his wife. Even after her death she performed the role of a mother, with no identity given.

According to Slavic mythology, a human sacrifice is necessary to build a large building. Also birth order is taken very serious in ancient times. You can see the age roles in many ancient writings as well as gender roles.

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