The 2004 movie Night Watch is about the battle of between light and dark, or in more contemporary terms: good and evil. This is an important theme in this film because it is what guides each character and brings many examples for the target audience to contemplate while they are watching the film. They can see the consequences for one’s choices as well as why one would make those specific choices. All of these choices of good and evil remind me of Bram Stoker’s Dracula and how many of the characters struggle with this as concept as well. In both sources the characters involved are choosing good or evil based on how it may best serve them, whether that be saving themselves or their loved ones. The choice of darkness is almost always chosen when one is leaning toward selfish choices and circumstances. Something that stands out from Night Watch is that it is not souly driven by the idea that vampires are bad, which is how it is in Dracula as well as most stories involving vampires. There are vampires that are on the light as well as the dark side. An important part of the good vs. evil theme of the film is that no one can be forced to be good or evil, it is their choice. There is no branding of good or evil until the person in question makes the choice. This film made me really interested in the idea of good and evil/ light and dark/ yin and yang. I ended up doing some research and found an interesting article (cited below) that discussed this topic. A quote that stood out to me was “wholeness for humans depends on the ability to own their own shadow” which pretty much means that everyone must own up to their choices at some point in their life and their choices are what create the path to one’s future. (photo of night watch and purchasing film). (photo of Dracula cover)

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