In the “Let the Right One In”, Hakan is a middle-aged male that travels with Eli, who is a vampire. Hakan’s relationship with Eli is like a legal guardian. His other job is to collect human blood for Eli to feed on. With this, he must murder a human being and bring back the blood before it spoils. In the film Hakan carries a bottle of acid with him as he goes to collect blood for Eli. He uses this bottle of acid with the intention of distorting his face so that no one can recognize it if he ever gets caught.

In the story, Hakan fights against his own conscience every time he kills for Eli. Though Eli pays him in exchange for the blood, it is known that Hakan would do it for free if they become intimate. His conscience also deteriorates after failing to deliver the blood to Eli several times as he said he will go out and kill again one last time if she spends the night with him. Eli only agreed to letting him touch her, if he brings her blood first.

Hakan also dies and gets resurrected as an undead and goes looking for Eli. Sadly, for Hakan, Eli has already choice Oskar as a replacement servant. Hakan is also beaten to death later by Lacke, who believe he was responsible for the death of his best friend.


There are three versions of Hakan. In the novel version Hakan’s name was never specified. He was simply called “The Father”. He was also portrayed as a pedophile in the novel version. In the 2008 film version, Hakan’s pedophilia is only hinted at.  The third version of Hakan is in the 2010 comic series, his name was Thomas.

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