The film, “Let The Right One In” is about a 12-year old boy, Oskar, that becomes friends with a vampire named Eli. Oskar is an outsider[1] in school and is always bullied by the other kids. He meets Eli when she moves into the same apartment complex as him and his mother. It isn’t until a little while into the friendship when he finds out that his new friend is actually vampire. The movie begins with a kill scene in the woods. We see a man suffocate, hang, and drain the blood from a boy. As the movie continues, we learn that this murder is Eli’s guardian, Hakan. It isn’t explicitly stated when or how Eli and Hakan met, but through some of the dialogue, it is hinted at there they might have had a more romantic relationship in the past. Hakan is the perfect example of a scapegoat.[2] He is responsible for seeking out fresh human blood for Eli to consume that she never has to get caught or take the blame for murder. He is even willing to die before allowing is precious Eli to get caught, so he always carries a bottle of acid with him when he goes out for a kill. That way, if he is ever close to being caught, he will dose his own face in acid so that he will not reveal his identity to protect Eli. In the film, Eli ends up killing Hakan and running away with Oskar. Although the movie makes it seem like they are two love birds running away to live happily ever after, we can also infer that Eli will eventually do the same to Oskar as she did to Hakan. Oskar is now the new scapegoat. 




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