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Let the Right One In is a film adaptation of a vampire fiction novel by the same name, written by the same author, John Ajvide Lindqvist. Although the novel was written in 2004 and film released in 2008, the plot takes place in the Early 1980s. As the author is a Swedish man born in 1968, he would have lived within the cultural climate in which the film takes place. In fact, Let the Right One In is set in the same working class suburb of Stockholm, Sweden that he grew up in called Blackeberg. Blackberg was built in the 1950s, thirty years before the novel was set to take place. It is located within the borough of Bromma, an area of neighborhoods, small forests, parks and lakes, and small commercial areas.

Roaring 1980s Edit

Taking place in the 1980s, the context of the novel would have been greatly affected by an economic boom that occurred in Sweden. Dubbed the “Roaring 1980s” (in swedish: Glada 1980-talet) this time period followed a time of economic recession caused by an oil crisis. As the book took place in a mostly working class neighborhood the culture within the story would have been affected by the changing economic climate. However, it is shown in the film that Oskar not only lives with his mother Yvonne in the film, but often visits his father in what seems to be far out countryside.

Culture of depression Edit

As Sweden is far north they often experience long winter months with little to no sun. This has created a phenomenon known seasonal affective disorder which often causes depression. While not affecting the entire population, the darkness has created a culture in Scandanavia that is unafraid to tackle dark themes such as anxiety, isolation, and existentialism through literature, film, music, and more. These themes are explored throughout the film, encapsulating the idea that a monster embodies the culture in which it resides.

Source Edit

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