Plot Edit

I Was a Teenage Werewolf is about a boy named Tony who got into numerous fights at school due to his short temper. After seeing a doctor to help with his problem, Tony experienced transforming into a werewolf and murdering a few of his classmates. After being pursued by the local police and trying to obtain a cure for his curse, Tony ultimately succumbed to his experimentation and was put down.

Historical Context Edit

This movie was set in the 1950's, which was back when gender equality was nonexistent. During that time, Men were in charge of both the public and private setting. Women could do nothing but do as they were told by their husbands and take care of the home. In the movie, Arlene, Tony's girlfriend, did everything that Tony said without question. Even when she suggested that Tony go see Doctor Brandon about fixing his anger problems, Tony told her to shut up about it and she did so without any back talk.

Theoretical Context Edit

One relationship that is present in this movie is the one between man and beast. Tony's aggressive nature was a sign of beastly attitude already. Humans are more mindful of their actions and have more self control unlike beasts, which was not the case for Tony. He already had the mindset of kill or be killed, when he attacked his friend, Vic, just for scaring him, and had a strong belief that only he knew what was best for him. Tony even said so to Arlene that he had trouble controlling himself, especially when he thought he was in danger. Tony was a beast in human form. Transforming into an actual werewolf only showed the world his true colors. Comparing this movie to the Hugh Jackman film Van Helsing, it is seen that a man in complete control of himself, like Van Helsing, has no control whatsoever when transformed into a werewolf, or as Doctor Brandon would say, "revert him to the primitive past that lurks within him" (Landon, 25:17).

One representation of werewolves that was played with in the movie was that werewolves were predators. Specifically, male predators. Men who went after young, pretty women. In Landon's horror film, Tony ended up murdering one of his female classmates while transformed. In the tale, "The Werewolf's Daughter," it said that the man had nine daughters, "but the youngest was the most beautiful" (Ashliman, 2000). In that tale, the werewolf father killed all but his youngest daughter. Sever case of male predator.

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