Historical or theoretical context of the film Let the Right One In (2008)

The film “Let the Right One In” was filmed by director Tomas Alfredson in 2008, the film was different from other vampire movies. In fact, it is an ethical film under the cloak of fantasy, the author tries to express his culture value via the story.

In the film, Eli was a boy before her transform completed, she was castrated in the rite. The transform rite was cruelly, which distorted the personality of Eli to make “him” a girl. Nowadays, many of children experienced something unhuman that made them become monsters. Sweden was an cold area with high incidence of psychological illness, like the depressive disorder. People living there has the culture and tradition of depression and negative trend, that is why the vampire of Tomas got a tragedy background, and the vampire lived a cold nature with a warm heart. So the whole story gives audience the feeling of depression and sadness.

Two main characters of the film got the similar personalities, they were so lonely, stubborn, and weak. That should be the part of their culture, so Eli says, “to flee is life, to linger, death”. They have the same awareness of their lives, because those two children are bullied by the society for a long time. Eli became a vampire who drinks people’s blood, but she is stubborn and weak in her inner side, she let Hakan to kill people for her. For Oskar, he is always bullied by Conny’s group, so he takes a knife to stab the trees, collects the news of murder cases, in that way he can kill his enemies in his imagination. Two characters should be good people with character flaw, they are actually weak and lonely people in facts. But if combine two children to a person, that person will be an evil monster. The author aim to express his point that every person has a monster in his or her mind, that comes from the environment that person lives.

The author describe a tragic ethical story under the name of fantasy film, the experience between two children is warm but cruelly. Under the culture background of the author, a terrible environment will stimulate the dark side take over the mind of a person, even that person is lonely and weak.

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