Abraham Van Helsing or Dr. Van Helsing is a fictional character thatstems from the 1897 gothic horror novel Dracula by author Bram Stoker. We see Dr. Van Helsing throughout many fictional works and films related to that of Dracula. The Horror of Dracula is a Technicolor British film made in 1958 and was directed by Terence Fisher and written by Jimmy Sangster. The Horror of Dracula is a film that was inspired by the original Dracula film. The film was titled Horror of Dracula to eliminate confusion between that of the original Dracula Film.  The Horror of Dracula has many similarities to that of Dracula and one of its main characters in the film is Dr. Van Helsing.

Abraham Van Helsing is the main protagonist in the film and he is a doctor that plays a strong role of curiosity or in other words plays the vampire hunter in the film. Dr. Van Helsing is first shown in the film when he is asked to come look at a patient by the name of Lucy Westenra who supposedly has a mysterious illness. He is sent a telegram in requesting his knowledge about the illness and to come help cure her. When he approached Lucy in bed, he examined her and realized that she had a vampire bite mark on her neck and ordered that she keep garlic above her windows while she sleeps or she will die.

Dr. Van Helsing arrives back to the home in which Lucy is staying the next day to come to find that she is deceased. By this point in the film, Dr. Van Helsing becomes more intrigued about vampires and starts to study them even more. He learns that light, garlic, and the crucifix are the best apotropaics in warding off vampires.  Throughout the whole film, Dr. Van Helsing plays the role of the vampire hunter in that he follows a lot of characters’ journeys in the film while many of them turn from humans into vampires. He is very successful in killing a lot of them with a stake. Ultimately at the end of the film Dr. Van Helsing kills Dracula by throwing a crucifix in his hand and forcing him into the light where Dr. Van Helsing watches Dracula burn or turn into ash.

Course Source: The Horror of Dracula by Terence Fisher

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