Cameron Kaser

Night Watch

The 2004 film “Night Watch” took the vampire world in a whole new direction, in other words it wasn’t just your average vampire movie. The movie didn’t just focus on one or even just a few vampires that were the antagonist, but instead an entire army of them. I believe that this change in pace really helped the vampire world to stay fresh and not be subject to repeating itself, while also being able to incorporate classic vampire qualities. The Night Watch’s originality has helped push the vampire movement in the film industry.

If you asked someone twenty years ago what comes to mind when they think of the word vampire, chances are they would have described Dracula to you or at least something pretty close, that isn’t necessarily the case today. The vampire world as of now is so diverse that if you asked someone that same question today you’d probably get all sorts of different answers. Maybe the evolution of the vampire was inevitable, but regardless the Night Watch was one of the first movies in which the change took place, challenging other vampire movies to change things up as well. The movie included not only vampires but other supernatural elements that kept the viewer on their toes, not know what to expect next. No one can confirm this for sure but the kind of the originality demonstrated in this movie could have very easily been inspiration for movies like Twilight and shows the like The Vampire Diaries.

Overall the movie Night Watch opened the vampire world to all new sorts of possibilities. The incorporation of an entire army of vampires along with creative supernatural elements helped changed the way people look at vampires. Since 2004, when the movie was first released, all different sorts of vampire movies and shows have been released all having at least some original qualities.

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