The short story by Fritz Leiber, “The girl with the hungry eyes” has a very interesting character that could very much be or not be a vampire. The character known as the girl, simply because she does not want anyone to know

her actual name, is already mysterious due to her wanting to hide her identity completely. The only person who is allowed to see her in person is the photographer who is also the narrator. It is clear that she is a vampire due to all of the analysis that has been done of the short story, however I personally did not know until the end of the story. The girl is mysterious due to her hidden identity and because she does not want to be seen or followed, but that did not stand out to me that she could be a vampire. She always causes a reaction from the photographer that even he notices every single time. She makes him become dizzy, however I thought perhaps she was just very enticing and had an aura to her that perhaps intimidated him. Surrounding all of this are the murders of about six people who died unexpectedly of heart attacks after having been healthy before. This was definitely weird to me, however I did not believe it was due to the girl murdering these people. I thought of her as innocent, perhaps she was shy of being seen in public and just wanted to keep her identity secret because that was just something she did. When the narrator becomes frightened at the end due to her telling him to “feed her”, and due to her other vile comments such as her wanting his mother’s death, even I became very uncomfortable. The reader comes to realize she was not innocent and did plot on killing the photographer eventually. I still believe, however, she was something different and not a vampire. Even the narrator states “There are vampires and vampires, and the ones that suck blood aren’t the worst.” She could be another type of creature, and as the narrator believes, more horrid and evil than the blood-sucking vampire.

Course Material:

Franz Leiber, "The Girl with the Hungry Eyes" (American literature)


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