In I Was a Teenage Werewolf, Tony is a high school student struggling with anger issues. The beginning scene is of him in a fight because a fellow student slightly nudged him from behind. Since the audience does not see the action happen we must take the word of the other student in that tony was over reacting. In a later scene, tony is at a party when one of his friends, in attempt of some humor, comes up from behind and blows a small trumpet to try and scare him. Tony immediately reacts shoving and punching him with no warning. It is called to attention that he has recently been acting out in acts of violence such as fighting and making a scene for such small events that one would normally ignore. He then goes to a doctor, as recommended by many, such as his girlfriend and police officers, who tends to help him through hypnosis. Once running some general tests, Dr. Brandon realizes that he can convert tony back into his “primal state” through injections and hypnosis. Tony first transforms in the woods where he attacks one of his first victims, a friend leaving a party, crossing through the woods. After that the aggravation of a ringing bell causes his transformation. Much like it is seen in other folk tales, when in their werewolf state, no one is safe as they attack people in sight and are capable of great violence. The person transforms from their human state to something that resembles a cross of a human and wolf with great strength, an abundance of fur, and razor sharp fangs. In The Werewolf's Daughter, the youngest and most beautiful daughter attempts to run away to save her life. While she is running she strips her clothes, returning to the state in which she was born, fully naked. A similar theme is seen in I Was a Teenage Werewolf, when tony is returned to his "primal state" of being a werewolf due to the aggravation of ringing and doctor's injection. in both we see that when faced with problems, they are not solved head-on but rather revert into another state to try and escape it. Werewolves are made to show the anxieties about sexuality and responsibilities faced by the public at the time.  

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