== In the film, I Was a Teenage Werewolf,

the main character was a teenage boy in high school who goes by the name Tony. As seen throughout the movie, he has an extremely difficult time controlling his anger and tends to rely heavily on physical altercations to solve his problems. I believe that the fact that Tony is not a fully developed man yet and he is anxious about the responsibilities of becoming an adult are the main reasons for his uncontrollable anger. == During the opening scene of the movie, we see Tony and another one of his classmates are involved in a physical altercation which was eventually broken up by two local police officers. One of the police officers then pulls Tony aside to discuss the fact that he believes Tony needs to seek help to be able to control his anger. However, Tony does not think he has a problem and disregards what the officer had to say. Unfortunately, Tony eventually changed his mind but only after he accidentally hits his girlfriend, Arlene, while he is in a fight with his good friend, Vic.

After the incident with Arlene, Tony decides to take the advice given to him by the police officer and reaches out to see the local psychiatrist and hypnotherapist, Dr. Brandon, in hopes of being able to fix his anger issues. However, what Tony did not know was that Dr. Brandon had a hidden agenda after talking to him at his first appointment. Not only was Dr. Brandon not helping Tony like he promised he would but he was actually making his uncontrollable anger worse. Regrettably, Tony did not realize what was happening until it was too late to fix it so he had live out the rest of his short life as a werewolf.

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