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The novel I am Legend (1954), tells the tale of Robert Neville, the only survivor of a plague that has turned the rest of the world in vampires. The story begins by showing the day-to-day life of Neville’s struggle for survival, growing garlic, repairing his generator and carving stakes. After an incident when he returns home late he gets his act together and begins to approach his problem with Science. Working on the theory that vampirism is a disease, Neville systematically proves that garlic creates an allergic reaction in the infected and hysterical blindness that prevents them from seeing their own reflection. Neville then befriends a dog that has survived, but then quickly finds it to be infected, and Neville is unable to cure it. Sadly he must kill the dog and feels the emptiness of the world he is in.  


Two years later, Neville’s daily routine however is interrupted by the arrival of Ruth, who runs away from him in fear. Neville convinces her to come back to his house and Neville tests her blood realizing that she is in fact infected. She then knocks him out, leaving a note to tell him that there are others like her describing living vampires who have found a treatment that keeps them alive even though it does not cure the disease. Ruth’s note warns Neville to leave before her group comes for him, but Neville stays. 

Six months later, the new society of living vampires shows up, wiping out the undead and imprisoning Neville. The Last Man on Earth is to be executed for the murder of all of the living vampires he killed, Neville realizes before he dies that in the new world, he is the abnormal one, the lone monster who comes without warning to destroy loved ones without mercy.

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