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Manyfolk tales and stories are meant to teach a lesson to those who are listening to them. Most of the time it will use a vicious mythical creature are an antagonist to teach the lesson. Werewolves are a perfect example of how mythical creatures are utilized to teach a lesson and represent society. Werewolves tend to be a vicious territorial creature that will harm anyone out of instinct. Yet there are some that are depicted to be protective of those they love. Werewolves eventually became part of the media and started to have a different meaning to them. They become less animal like and faced human challenges. In the 1957 film, I was a Teenage Werewolf reveal the anxieties about sexuality and the responsibility of growing up through the character of Tony.

First, werewolves are often depicted to have anxiety and sexuality issues because most are young teenagers. In the film, I was a Teenage Werewolf, we see the main character, Tony, face these same issues. Teens tend to have a point in their lives where hormones are running crazy thus it must be expressed in a certain way. He is a teenage boy thus it sets up the idea of puberty thus exemplifying the idea of sexuality anxieties. There is a scene where Tony see a young girl in tight clothes and he loses his sense and transforms. The triggered transformation indicates that he cannot control his thoughts and feelings which is a part of growing up.

Tony not only has issues with controlling his thoughts he cannot control his anger. The opening scene is a fight between Tony and one of his classmates. He then releases his anger when he is talking to his girlfriend. These indicate Tony is not mature enough to control his feelings. He then goes to a doctor to seek help, so he can potentially control his hormones and his issues. When Tony seeks for help is an indication of maturity. By having Tony become a werewolf exemplifies the challenges he must face in order to successfully grow up.

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