Tony is a character in the film “I was a Teenage Werewolf.”[[1]] He is a troubled boy in high school who has anger problems and finds himself fighting a lot.[[2]] For example, Tony pushes his girlfriend in an argument, pushes a friend named Vic, and is in multiple fights with other people as well. Once this is noticed the school recommends that he sees a psychologist named Dr. Brandon. When seeing Dr. Brandon, he is given an experimental study which eventually turns him into a werewolf. There is a slight change in behavior and school work performance until the experiment goes too far and ends up turning Tony into a werewolf. At this point, Tony creates huge chaos and tragedy when he ends up killing someone in his full werewolf form. The moral of this story[[3]] was to show a kid that was troubled and a stray from the normal society at the time. Perhaps this is what will happen to a child when they misbehave and act in an outrageous manner or another theory was that it is a story to scare kids who are misbehaving and show what can happen to you. Either way it is showing the anxieties and relationship issues of being a teenager and dealing with the social norms while becoming an adult. All in all, this film shows the transformation ending the anxieties for the kids and the relationship to growing up in real life.


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