In the 1957 film “I was a Teenage Werewolf,” the protagonist of the film is Tony Rivers a high school student who attends Rockdale High School has difficulty controlling his attitude towards people. In the opening scene of the film it starts off with a fight between Tony and Jimmy and when the fight gets out of hand the police show up and break off the fight. Automatically it shows that Tony is a troubled kid and when officer Donovan tells Tony he should find help, Tony gets furious and starts arguing with Donovan. A few other scenes that portray Tony as having this problem with others is when he picks up his girlfriend at her house and has a little argument with her dad and when they arrive at the Halloween party he starts to act up with his friend Vic. Once Tony started to act out more and more the school suggested he see a psychologist to help him with his issues, then the doctor recommended him to participate in an experiment. The doctor injects Tony with a serum that will help bring him to his primal state of mind and after he receives this he starts to turn into a werewolf. He knows that he has done wrong ever since he turned into a werewolf, but he is trying to seek help to fix himself. In my opinion, society expects a child to act a certain way when they are in high school and when they don’t meet this high standard they are considered to be misbehaved children that needs psychological help by a doctor. The sole purpose of creating a character like this with misbehavior conduct is to show the audience (mainly children) to scare them. Stating to show them that harsh consequences will take place if one were to misbehave and not follow the rules that society has set upon them.   


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