in the 1957 horror movie "i Was a Teenage Werewolf" the main character tony is a teenager at Rockdale high school who is seen struggling with his anger issues and fighting. as the movie starts it opens with a scene of tony and another boy named jimmy fighting by the field. the two boys are stopped by the police and the fight is broken up. after the fight deputy Donovan pulls tony aside and talks to him abut his issues of fighting and his short temper. Tony takes offense to what deputy Donovan suggests about seeing a psychologist to help his anger issues. tony walks off without thinking about seeing this psychologist, Dr. Brandon.

deputy Donovan was not the only one who was worried about Tony and his short temper, his father and his girlfriend Arlene were worried as well, tony was seen as the violent boy, the night before the Halloween party tony picked up Arlene and went inside to meet her parents, tony having the reputation that he did, her parents were not to fond of him and the meeting turned awkward and into a disagreement. Tony didn't think much of his temper until that night at the party where Tony got into another fight with Arlene by his side, after seeing the scared look on his girlfriends face he realized that he did need help and sought out the psychologist Dr. Brandon.

the meeting with Dr. Brandon was normal and what you would expect from visiting a psychologist. the Doctor talked to Tony briefly before injecting him with a serum and putting him in a hypnotic state. the doctor was not trying to help tony with his anger but was trying to conduct an experiment using a scopolamine serum to bring out primal instincts. while tony was in the trance doctor Brandon suggests to tony that he was once a wild animal. after the visit tony leaves without any idea of what happened and proceeds home but that night after a small part a friend gets killed by "a wild animal" after the body of the boy was taken in to be autopsied a native man sees the marks on the boy and mentions werewolves.

tony continued to go see doctor Brandon because he feels there s something going on and he knows something is not right but doctor Brandon insists he is okay and he will be his true self before he knows it. after the second session with the doctor tony clearly isn't in his right mind. the following day at school there is an incident where tony turns and kills Theresa a young girl on the school gymnastics team. everyone recognized tony running out of the school because of his jacket and a manhunt is called and the whole police force is on the search for tony.

the next morning tony wakes up in the woods in his human state and wonders into town and eventually to Dr. Brandon's' office where he is injected again. a telephone ring triggers his transformation and ends up kiling both the doctor and his assistant. deputy Donovan shows up and is left with no choice but to fire on tony. he fires several times and kills tony.

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