In the movie I Was a Teenage Werewolf, 1957, Tony is the main character. He is a troubled high schooler and does not go with the gain of society. He has instances of lashing out on friends and other kids in the high school. He gets in a fight out side of the school and has his first run in with the cops. This is not characteristic of Tony, could this just be part of growing up or something else entirely? There are many people in his life that become concerned with the aggressive behavior of Tony. They suggest therapy and alternative methods of controlling his anger so that he does not lash out, but he declines. There is an incident that pushes a problem over the end. He slaps his girlfriend and that was the end of it he had to get some help.

He goes to see a Doctor that says that he would be perfect for a medical trial and Tony is on board. It sounds like a great opportunity but all the information is not given and after the first sessions mysterious things start to happen and he no longer feels like himself. People are showing up dead and Tony is the one that is being blamed for it. A once normal teenager has his life turned around in an instant and when he looks in the mirror he is not longer himself, literally he is a werewolf. The doctor continues the injections claiming to have no idea what is making Tony feel so weird. Although he says this he knows very well what the injections are doing to him. Tony was pushed to his breaking point and ends up dead after people are ced to shoot him. An unfortunate end to an unsuspecting character

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