Janice Baird Heel Turn

Janice Baird turning heel

Janice Baird is a villainous vampiress from "Werewolf Concerto," a Season Four episode of Tales From the Crypt.

Janice Baird is a famous singer who was one of the guests in a hotel where a werewolf is prowling around killing its inhabitants. She runs into Lokai, an assumed werewolf hunter, and the two engaged in flirtatious banter. After another killing happens, Janice is suspected of being the werewolf by Lokai; due to the fact that she sleeps during the day and is up at night. However, at the episode's climax, Lokai is revealed as the werewolf and he searches for Janice. Janice turned heel when she came from behind and killed the transformed Lokai with a silver candelabra through his heart, revealing herself as the werewolf hunter. A dying Lokai points at Janice's piano, which Janice states is her traveling companion. In the episode's final scene, the evil Janice cemented her villainous turn by revealing herself as a vampire, and flashed her fangs at Lokai before she devours him.


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