In the film Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992), I want to discuss the role of Jonathan Harker. The film first introduces Jonathan Harker taking a quest for a firm in London where he was offered a job from. The quest requires Jonathan to travel to Transylvania to deal business with an individual named Count Dracula who desires to purchase ten properties in London. Upon his return, his fiancee, Mina Murray, is suppose to Marry him. Jonathan accepts to take this quest because he will do anything to be employed by this firm, even if that means waiting to marry the love of his life. Jonathan proceeds on his journey to Castle Dracula where he begins to feel uneasy by the darkness overwhelming him by the carriage ride through dark and mysterious woods. The carriage encounters a pack of wolves, but suddenly blue flames appear and the wolves disappear. He arrives to Caste Dracula and is greeted by Count Dracula himself. As soon as he is introduced to Count Dracula, he knew that something was odd about him.

Jonathan Harker's curiosity sets in. He asks the Count questions about his family, architecture, and other questions that only lead to a feeling of unease upon Harker by the acts of Count Dracula. He notices that the Count never eats and that he sleeps all day. Also, he is curious as to why there are so many locked doors in Dracula's castle and why he lives alone in this big castle. The deeper Harker digs into Count Draculas personal life, the more frightened he becomes. One night, he notices a strange act of Dracula climbing the walls of the castle. He experiences strange dreams of three women seducing him and Dracula interrupting the acts of the women. Overall, Johnathan's unease seems to be sky rocketing the longer he stays in the castle, especially when he notices Count Dracula's obsession of a picture of his fiancee Mina.

Jonathan Harker, being terribly afraid of Count Dracula, has no become the counts temporary prisoner. The Count tells Jonathan to write letters to Mina saying that he will be staying another month at the castle, while the Count prepares for a trip to try to woo Mina over. Jonathan Harker is held captive in the Castle and is being drained of blood by Dracula's three brides. Finally, Harker manages to escape by jumping out of the castle into the river at the bottom of the Castle and finds a nearby refuge where he beings to experience mental breakdowns from his stay at Castle Dracula. After three months of being missing, Mina is alerted he is alive and she goes to take care of him, as well as be married to him.

Harker and Minda return to London only to find tragedy that Lucy, Mina's friend, has been killed. He discovers that this is the work of Count Dracula and that the Count sleeps in Carfax Abbey. Harker, along with Van Helsing and the rest of their crew, go to the abbey make sure all of Dracula's crates are sterilized. While doing this, Dracula is with Mina, and they go back to kill Dracula but he escapes. Harker and his crew know that Dracula will be approaching Borgo Pass, and therefore they take a train, rent horses, and try encountering the count to end his life. As sunset approaches, the crew encounters Dracula, and violence breaks out. The end result is Harker opening Count Dracula's box that he was in and slitting his throat while one of the other members of the crew, Quincey, stabs dracula through the heart. Dracula and Mina enter the chapel and the men run after them until Jonathan Harker tells them to stop and that their work is finished.

What I find so interesting about Jonathan Harker is that he is the true agonist in the story. He was dragged into a quest that he did not entirely want, but knew he needed. While doing this, he encountered darkness and evil face to face in which he came out victorious. He had no intention of the dealing with the evil of Count Dracula, being a human blood bag to three of the counts brides, or jumping from the height of Castle Dracula. He did it all out of his love and future with Mina, and although evil did almost win over Mina, Harker became the hero of the story and survived through his mental and physical strength. I believe that Jonathan Harker is the most unique character in the story because he is the connection of Count Dracula to the world in which he lives in, and in a way Count Dracula almost haunts him and encompasses his life.

Here are a few outside sources used to analyze Jonathan Harker and his role in the film Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992)



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