Last Man on Earth (1964) Film Edit

Characters and Analysis: Edit

Morgan and Vampires:

Morgan, from Last Man on Earth, is what he believes to be the last man alive after a plague of vampire-esque disease swept the nation. He couldn’t find a cure before the outbreak and has lost his family as a result. He often has flashbacks and nightmares of his wife and daughter. His character is shown going out during the day and hunting what he believes to be are vampires. Later in the film, we learn that these people are not completely dead and that a society of them has a serum to keep them form completely turning. We only learn this after a spy, who happens to be a vampire, reveals herself to him. He ends up giving her some of his blood which transfers antibodies and cures her vampire plague.  Throughout the movie, we notice him doing certain things, finding weaknesses to exploit the vampires. Through this film, we notice these vampires are sluggish, dim-witted, and have a desire to kill.We see a different view of vampires through him. We are used to seeing vampires who have superpowers, extremely cunning, and easily able to kill humans. This shows that there has been an evolution of vampires throughout history. Morgan doesn’t view these creatures as “human” anymore, and he goes on killing them. As time goes on, in the present day, we see films and literature showing vampires as more and more human with gifts and talents. This could be a result of fandoms of vampires. We see as time goes on vampires become more powerful, and more of a figure of entertainment. We want vampires to have these superhuman feats that we can only dream of. Fandoms have created the modern day vampire and who they are today. As an example, we see in Twilight when Edward saves Bella from an out of control car. We see how vampires have become this mystical creature that humans desire. We are jealous of them, and these fandoms can link to this evolution of vampires. Fans of vampires don’t want what Morgan sees vampires as, we want vampires to be something of mystery and awe. Vampires have gone from a plague to something that we desire as humans.



Last Man on Earth:

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